Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Stuff for March 4th

Final Fantasy Figures

Gears of War Marcus 12" #2

G.I. Joe Mighty Mugs 2009 Series 1

Iron Man Modern Armor Statue

Marvel Legends Mighty Mugs 2009 Series 2

Serenity Map of the Verse Lithograph

T-Shirt Star Trek Command Gold XL

T-Shirt Star Trek Engineering Red Lg/Med

Supergirl 1/6 Scale Collectors Figure

Star Wars Saga Legends Figures 2009 Series 2

Watchmen Behind You 4 pin set

Watchmen End is Nigh 4 pin set

Watchmen Movie Figures Series 2

Watchmen Movie Dr. Manhatten figure

Watchmen Movie Nite Owl Bust

Watchmen Movie Silk Spectre Bust

Tons of T-Shirts (Watchmen and more )!!