Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Stuff for October 21st

Ame Comi Batgirl Version 2 Vinyl Figure

Ame Comi Catwoman Version 2 Vinyl Figure

Angel Blue Statue

Angel Red Statue

Blackest Night Series 1 Figures

Cheshire Cat Goth Vinyl Figure

Halo Mongoose ATV Figures

Mega Bloks Halo Wars Battle Packs

Mega Bloks Halo Wars Battlefield

Mega Bloks Halo Wars Scorpion

Mega Bloks Halo Wars Vehicle Assortment

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Phaser

World of Warcraft Deluxe Illidan Demon Form

Where the Wild Things Are

WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 41 Figures

T-Shirt Zombies We are Going to Eat You Lg/Med

Iron Man Mark 2 Model Kit

Galactus Bust

G.I. Joe Cobra Trooper Figure

Captain America Bust

Halo Series 6