Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Stuff for Jan 18th

·         A Game of Thrones Board Game
·         Batman Emblem Signal Pendant
·         Cover Girls of the DCU Starfire Statue
·         DC Superhero Figure Collection Magazine #98 Animal Man
·         DC Superhero Figure Collection Magazine #99 Superboy
·         Doctor Who Character Building Mini Figures
·         Doctor Who Time Lord Psychic Container
·         Game of Thrones LCG Lions of the Rock
·         Green Lantern Emblem Pendant Black
·         Supergirl Pendant
·         Superman Emblem Pendant
·         USS Enterprise Bottle Opener
·         Wonder Woman Color Pendant
·         Game Trade Magazine # 143
·         PF In the Company of Monsters
·         PF Battles Heroes/ Monsters Brick
·         PF Heroes/Monsters Black Dragon