Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Stuffs for Feb 8th

New Stuffs

·         Beatles Yellow Submarine George Harrison Model Kit
·         Beatles Yellow Submarine John Lennon Model Kit
·         Beatles Yellow Submarine Paul McCartney Model Kit
·         Beatles Yellow Submarine Ringo Starr Model Kit
·         Captain Britian Statue
·         DC Comics Batman Batcave Pint Glass
·         DC Comics Superman Powerful Pint Glass
·         T-Shirt Evil Spock Lg/XL
·         FFXIII-2 Play Arts Kai Lightning Figures
·         Grimm Fairy Tales Snow White Statue
·         Heroes of The DCU Series 2 Swamp Thing Bust
·         Legends of the Marvel Series Three Trading Card Set
·         Marvel Comics Backpack
·         Return of the Living Dead Tarman Deluxe Figure
·         Starcraft Series 1 Deluxe Figures
·         Steampunk Black Velvet Gear Choker
·         Steampunk Industrial Goggles
·         Steampunk Large Key Necklace
·         Street Fighter Akuma vs Ryu Wallet
·         Talisman The Dragon Expansion
·         Topps 2012 Baseball Series 1 Trading Cards
·         Uglydoll Ice-Bat Blue Hat
·         Uglydoll Ice-Bat Pink Hat
·         Uglydoll Ninja Batty Showgun Black Hat
·         Uglydoll Ox Green Hat
·         Uglydoll Trunko Purple Hat