Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Stuffs for Sept 5th

·         Amazing Spider Man Glasses
·         Avengers Captain America Deluxe 23 inch Metal Shield
·         Avengers Captain America Movie Adult Shield
·         Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Figures Series 4
·         Avengers Iron Man 2 Adult Helmet
·         T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Bazinga Green Lantern Sm
·         T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Bazinga Red Sm
·         T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Penny Equation Green Lg/Med/XL
·         T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Penny Penny Penny Lg/Med/Sm/XL
·         T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Supervillian Lg/Med
·         Captain America Radioactive Goggles
·         DC Universe Wave 3 JLA Batman Figure
·         Disney Mickey Jack Sparrow UDF
·         T-Shirt Doctor Who 11th Doctor White Lg/Med/Sm
·         T-Shirt Doctor Who Tardis Bigger on the Inside Lg/Med
·         T-Shirt Dungeons and Dragons Origins Red Lg/Med/XL
·         T-Shirt Halo 4 Master Chief Lg/Med
·         T-Shirt Lenore Nurse Lenore Jr's Med/Sm
·         T-Shirt MTG Jace Swirl Black Lg/Med/XL
·         Six Million Dollar Man Oscar Goldman Briefcase Tin Tote
·         Star Wars Figure Collector Magazine #60 Slave 1
·         Star Wars Chewbacca Hat
·         Star Wars Leia Buns Fleece Hat
·         Star Wars Wampa Hat
·         T-Shirt Star Wars War of Wars Navy AoP Lg/Med/XL
·         Star Wars Yoda Ears Fleece Hat
·         T-Shirt Transformers Optimus for President Lg/Med