Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Stuff for October 17th

·         Ame Com Brainiac figures
·         Ame Com Harley Quinn figures
·         Blackest Night Hawkeye Zombie Mask
·         Bruce Lee 6" Fanatiks wave 2 af
·         Bruce Lee Temple of King Fu 20 ct Bmb
·         Cthulu Knitted Ski Mask
·         Dr Who 11th doctor 1/6 scale figure
·         Game of thrones Hand of the King Metal Pin
·         Game of thrones coaster set
·         Honey Badger Talking Plush toys
·         Joker Deluxe Mask
·         Marvel Minmates Series 47
·         Master of Kung Fu t shirts Lg/XL
·         Minecraaft Pick axe foam weapon
·         Sonic the Hedgehog 3-inch Figure
·         T-Shirt Star Wars Star Friends Lg/Med/XL
·         Walking Dead Mini mates B&W 2 pack
·         Universal Monsters Select Phantom of the Opera Figure