Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Stuffs for Jan 18th

New Stuffs

·       BvS Wonder Woman PX MAF Ex
·       DC Comics Bizarro ArtFX+ Statue New 52 Version
·       DC Comics Wonder Girl Bishoujo Statue
·       DC Multiverse 6 inch DKR Robin Figure
·       DC Multiverse 6 inch Supergirl TV Figure
·       DC Watch Collection #8 Heath Ledger Joker
·       Disney Traditions Lilo And Stitch 15th Anniversary
·       Legacy Firefly Jayne Cobb with Hat PX Figure
·       One Piece Dramatic Showcase Dracule Mihawk Figure
·       One Piece Master Stars Piece Jeans Perona A Figure
·       One Piece WCF Dressrosa Rebecca Figure
·       Punisher Skull 3d Messenger Bag
·       TMNT Movie 2 Basic Figure Assortment
·       TMNT Movie 2 Deluxe Talking Figure Assortment

Upcoming Events

            Every Friday is FNM – Draft Format @ 6:30 pm
           TNM Magic Commander format  , 6:30pm start

           D&D  Encounters Saturdays @ 12pm  

           Tuesday Night Magic Standard @ 6:30pm

           Aether Revolt Release Friday January 20th !!

           Board Game Night Tues Jan 17th @ 5:30pm+