Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Stuffs for April 12th

New Stuffs for April 12th

·       Batman Arkham Knight Play Arts Kai Harley Quinn
·       DC Watch Collection #12 Flash Comic Logo
·       Disney NBX Series 2 Laser Cut Figural Keyrings
·       Doctor Who Titans Mini Figures BMB
·       Modzilla Bruise Berry Sofubi PX
·       Sailor Moon GM Break Time Sailor Moon Figure
·       SDCC 2016 Avengers 4pc Pewter Keyring Set
·       Shogun Boba Fett Empire Version Figure
·       Tim Burtons Corpse Bride Emily Deluxe Mask
·       Doctor Who Figure Collector #13 Dalek Supreme

Upcoming Events

            Every Friday is FNM – Draft Format @ 6:30 pm
           TNM Magic Commander format  , 6:30pm start

           D&D  Encounters Saturdays @ 12pm  

           Tuesday Night Magic Standard @ 6:30pm

·      Amonkhet Open House Event – Saturday April 15th – 12:00pm
      Learn to play sessions, using the Welcome Decks
      Premium Full-Art basic lands (five of each) from Amonkhet
      Standard Event

·      Amonkhet Pre-release April 22nd-23rd (Saturday/Sunday) – 12:00pm start
      Sealed Event

·      Amonkhet League – Sealed Event – Thursday’s in May – 6:30pm start
      Min 30 card deck
      3 boosters to start, Add 1 booster/week (after 3 losses)

·      Amonkhet Game Day – Saturday May 20th – 12:00pm start
      Standard Format

·      Amonkhet Showdown – Sundays (dates below)
             Standard Format
      May 7th, 14th, 28th
      June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
      July 2nd