Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Muppets Collection

The Following Muppets items came in the other day from a collection. Some nice items in this, don't miss out !!!

Series 1
- Kermit
- Miss Piggy
- Bunsen Honeydew
- Dr. Teeth
- Kermit Limited Edition (in Tuxedo)
- Miss Piggy EB Exclusive (color variant)
- Muppet Labs Playset w/ Beaker
- Wizard World Chicago Exclusive Invisible Beaker

Series 2
- Fozzie Bear
- The Great Gonzo
- Crazy Harry
- Floyd Pepper
- Floyd Pepper Limited Edition (color variant)
- "Crash Helmet" Gonzo EB Exclusive
- "Vacation" Fozzie Toyfare Exclusive
- "Vacation" Fozzie Mediaplay/Suncoast Exclusive (color variant)
- "Invisible Spray" Fozzie Comic-Con Exclusive
- Electric Mayhem Playset w/ Animal

Series 3
- Scooter
- Rowlf (in tuxedo)
- Lew Zealand
- Zoot
- Zoot Limited Edition (color variant)
- "Superhero" Scooter Toyfare Exclusive
- Swedish Kitchen Playset w/ Swedish Chef

New Stuff for July 30th

Ame Comi Cheetah Vinyl Figure

Ame Comi Wonder Woman Vinyl Figure

Disney Traditions Halloween Tinker Bell Statue

Disney Traditions Mickey Mouse As Skeleton “Glow in the Dark” Statue

Disney Traditions Mickey Mouse Head Pumpkin Statue

Disney Traditions Sorceror Mickey Mouse Mini Figurine

Fathom Black Armor Aspen Matthews Mini Bust

Fathom Kiani Statue

Halo 3 Master Chief Version 2 ArtFX Statue

Labyrinth Jareth and Hoggle Boxed Set

Serenity Bank Heist Money Pack

Serenity Blue Sun Travel Wavecards Pack

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Stuff for July 23rd

Battlestar Galactica Razor Cylon Minimates Assortment

Battlestar Galactica Razor Minimates Box Set

Comic Care Short Boxes

Comic Care Magazine Boxes

Dark Knight The Joker Statue

Infernal Contraption 2 Sabotage Exp Pack

Infernal Contraption Card Game

Jason Vorhees Animaquette ( Statue )

Marvel Masterpieces Set 2 Trading Cards

Mindstyle Jim Hensons Dark Crystal Urac Statue

Star Trek The Original Series Mirror Minimates Box Set

White Plastic Title Dividers
Magic the Gathering Eventide card set goes on sale Friday, pre-order your boxes today !!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rare Muppets Toys !!

We picked up some rare muppets toys, Muppets Backstage, Muppets Pigs in Space, Marvin Suggs, and a few more!!!

New Stuff for July 16th

Batman Black and White Statue – Neal Adams

T-Shirt Batman Two-Face Double Sided Black Lg/Med/XL

Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine Silver Surfer #7

Dark Knight Batman Statue

Dark Knight The Joker Statue

G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary Figures Series 6

G.I.Joe Vehicle Assortment Series 1

Hellboy 2 Golden Army Series 1 Figures

T-Shirt Iron Man Iron Target Black lg/med

Kotobukiya Star Wars Bounty Hunter IG 88 Vinyl Model Kit

T-Shirt Punisher Logo Crystalized Black Lg/Med

Upper Deck 2007/08 Be A Player NHL Cards

Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber

Settlers of Catan Traders and Barbarians Board Game

Halo Series 2 Figures

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Stuff for July 9th

Batman Black & White Batman Gotham Knight Statue

Celtic Dice Bag

Cult Classics Figures - Captain Spaulding, The Crow, Classic Alien

Dark Knight The Joker Bust

G.I. Joe 12-Inch Military Figures Series 1

Green Lantern Series 3 Figures

T-Shirt Guitar Hero Rock Demon Lg/Med

Lost in Space 1/24th scale Space Pod Model Kit

Upper Deck 2007/08 O-Pee-Chee Premier NHL cards

Woman of the DC Universe Series 2 Wonder Girl Bust

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Stuff for July 3rd

T-Shirt Hulk Grievance AoP Black Lg

Indiana Jones Henry Jones Statue

Indiana Jones Indy Artfx Statue

T-Shirt Iron Man Ground Pound Black Lg/Med/XL

T-Shirt Iron Man Iron Monger Black Lg/Med/XL

Iron Man Movie Figure Assortment Series 2

Kotobukiya Star Wars Bounty Hunter IG-88 Vinyl Model

T-Shirt Punisher Aero Punisher White Lg/Med/XL

Shawnimal Geeky Ninja Plush

Silver Surfer Action Statue

Kotobukiya Star Wars Bounty Hunter 4-Lom Vinyl Model

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Previews Exclusive Battle Droid Pack

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Previews Exclusive Trooper Pack

Zombies 7 Send in the Clowns Board Game