Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Stuff for October 28th

- Batman Black & White Statue Ed McGuinness

- Batman Family Multi Parti Statue Part 1

- Battlestar Galactica Little Frakkin Colonial Starbuck Maquette

- Battlestar Galactica Little Frakkin Toaster Cylon Maquette

- Futurama Series 7 Figures

- Marvel Universe Series 7 Figures

- McFarlane NHL Legends Series 8 Figures

- Star Wars Series 5 Figures

- Tim Burton's Oyster Boy PVC Set

- Tim Burton's Pin Cushion Queen PVC Set

- Tim Burton's Stain Boy PVC Set

- Tim Burton's Toxic Boy PVC Set

- Watchmen Kubrick 3 pc Set A

- Watchmen Kubrick 3 pc Set B

- NFL Legends 8

- NBA Legends 5

- Artifacts 2009-10 Hockey cards

- NHL Legends 8

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Stuff for October 21st

Ame Comi Batgirl Version 2 Vinyl Figure

Ame Comi Catwoman Version 2 Vinyl Figure

Angel Blue Statue

Angel Red Statue

Blackest Night Series 1 Figures

Cheshire Cat Goth Vinyl Figure

Halo Mongoose ATV Figures

Mega Bloks Halo Wars Battle Packs

Mega Bloks Halo Wars Battlefield

Mega Bloks Halo Wars Scorpion

Mega Bloks Halo Wars Vehicle Assortment

Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Phaser

World of Warcraft Deluxe Illidan Demon Form

Where the Wild Things Are

WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 41 Figures

T-Shirt Zombies We are Going to Eat You Lg/Med

Iron Man Mark 2 Model Kit

Galactus Bust

G.I. Joe Cobra Trooper Figure

Captain America Bust

Halo Series 6

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Pete's Weekly Special

Big Pete's Weekly Special!!!
Wed Oct 14th - Tues Oct 20th
Fantastic Four Costumes 50% off
Fantastic Four Figures 50% off
Fantastic Four Bop Bags 50 % off
Fantastic Four Blow-up Chairs 50 % off
Fantastic Four Statues & Busts 50% off
OMG!! It's a Fantastic Four Extravaganza!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Stuff for October 14th

Batman Family Multi Part Statue Part 1

Final Fantasy 9 Play Arts Vivi Figure

Ghostbusters Slimer Piggy Bank

G.I. Joe Movie Figures Collection 1 Series 2

G.I. Joe Movie Figures Collection 2 Series 2

JLA Classics Series 1 Figures

Mario Kart Wii Trading Cards

Mr Potato Head Kiss Collector Set

South Park Holidays with Hankeys Kit

Star Trek The Original Series USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Ship

Transformers Movie Deluxe Series 6 Figures

Transformers Movie Human Alliance Series 2 Figures

Wonder Woman 1/6th Scale Figure

G.I. Joe Movie Bravo Vehicles Series 2

nbx monopoly

cthulu stuffed

deadlands board game

10 dice tubes

xmas story boxed set

transformers dlx figures

victory hockey 09/10

deck protectors

cs current sized bags

field of honor boosters

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Stuff for October 7th

Dark Knight Returns Collector Set

DC Heroes Wave 9 Figures

Dexter 7-inch Action Figure

Final Fantasy 9 Play Arts Figures

G.I.Joe Movie Vehicles Series 2

Justice League 6 Armored Batman Figure

NBX 2009 Coffin Salt & Pepper Shakers

T-Shirt Punisher Punish Halftone Black Lg

T-Shirt Red Rage Red Lantern Lg/Med

Reactivated Series 3 Superfriends Batman Figure

T-Shirt Red Lantern Symbol Rage Lg/Med

Secret Files Series 3 Batman Figure

T-Shirt Spider Man Amazing Flex Black Lg/Med

Star Trek The Original Series Enterprise NCC-1701 D Starship

Star Wars Deluxe Figure & Vehicle Assortment Series 2

Star Wars Figures Series 4

Star Wars Clone Wars Figures Series 6

Star Wars Clone Wars Figures Series 7

Star Wars Clone Wars Figures Series 8

Star Wars Expanded Universe 2-pack Figures Series 2

Star Wars Saga Legends Figures Series 5

Transformers Klik Dispenser 12 pc (Candy)

Transformers Movie Deluxe Figures Series 5

Women of the DC Universe Series 2 Mera Bust

McFarlane NFL Series 8 Figures