Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Stuff for June 30th

  • T-Shirt Black Lantern Hal Jordan Symbol LG/ XL

  • T-Shirt Blue Lantern Flash Symbol LG/XL

  • Chez Geek Card Game House Party Edition

  • DC Heroes B&W Collage Wall Scroll

  • DC Heroes Batman City Scape Wall Scroll

  • DC Heroes Roll Call Wall Scroll

  • DC Heroes Superman B&W Collage Wall Scroll

  • Deadlands Dice Set

  • Fantasy Figure Gallery Touch of Ice PVC Statue

  • Marvel 25th Anniversary Secret War 2 Pack Figures Series 3

  • Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Samus Zero Suit Statue

  • Simpsons Duff Energy Drink

  • Talisman Highlands Expansion Game

  • Upper Deck MTG Planeswalker 2 9 pocket Portfolio

  • grey dice set

  • magic labyrinth game

  • star wars dark times miniatures

  • star wars masters force miniatures

  • jonah hex action figures

  • pandemic board game

  • pandemic on the brink expansion board game

  • dominion board game

  • star wars arch character carry-alls

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wanted: Wendigo!!

We are currently looking for a Wendigo Figure from Marvel Legends, if you have one you wish to part with, please contact Pete via phone ( 604-983-2325 ) or email at

New Stuff for June 23rd

  • Aloha Maile Vinyl Figure Red Version

  • Aphrodite IX Faux Bronze Statue

  • Classic Marvel Figure Collectors Magazine # 120 Jubiliee

  • Marvel Minimates Series 36 Assortment

  • Marvel Select Thing Figure

  • Marvel Universe 2010 Series 4 Figures

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3-3/4" Figures

  • Spider Man Classic Heroes 2010 Series 2 Figures

  • Star Trek Starfleet Command Division Badge

  • Star Trek Starfleet Science Division Badge

  • Star Wars Vehicles Collectors Magazine #43 Barc Speeder

  • Star Wars Vehicles Collectors Magazine #44 Swoop Bike

  • Superman Messenger Print Bag

  • Star Wars 2010 Series 1 Figures

  • Up Carl & Logo Kubrick/ Bearbrick Set

  • Upper Deck MTG Deck Rise of the Eldrazi Deck Box Black

  • Upper Deck MTG Rise Eldrazi Side Loading Deck Box

  • Kindgom Hearts 2 Play Arts King Mickey Figure

  • Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Arts Sora Xmas Town Figure

  • Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank

  • Final Fantasy 13 Play Arts Kai Fang Figure

  • Final Fantasy 13 Play Arts Kai Hope Figure

  • DC Superhero Figure Collectors Magazine #55 GL John Stewart
We also have some Star Trek Costumes in stock atm.. hurry and get yours for this weekends Star Trek Convention!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Stuff for June 16th

  • Batman Black & White Statue by Frank Quitely

  • Dungeon Lords Board Game

  • Halo Series 8 Figures

  • History of the DC Universe Series 4 Figures

  • Polyhedral Dice Bin with Dice

  • Star Trek The Next Generation Deluxe Blue Med Uniform

  • Star Wars Clone Wars White Clone Trooper Maquette

  • Upper Deck MTG Rise of the Eldrazi 9 Pocket Portfolio

  • Upper Deck MTG Rise of the Eldrazi Loading Deck Box

  • Upper Deck MTG Rise of the Eldrazi Style 1 Deck Protector Pack

  • T-Shirt Who Venn Diagram Light Blue Lg/XL

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Stuff for June 9th

  • T-Shirt Big Foot Abducted by UFO Brown XL

  • Classic Robby Robot Bobble Head

  • DC Heroclix Blackest Night Starter Set

  • Hot Toys Dark Knight 1/6th Scale Batman Sonar Deluxe Figure

  • Lego Star Wars Freeco Speeder Set

  • Lego Star Wars Trifighter Droid Set

  • Lego Toy Story Woody & Buzz to the Rescue Set

  • Pez Marvel Heroes 12 piece Dispensers

  • Poison Ivy 1/6 scale figure

  • Star Trek Starfleet Science Division Badge

  • Tinker Bell Clock

  • McFarlane MLB 2009 Series 26 Figures

  • Serenity Atlas of the Verse Vol 1

  • Munchkin Waiting for Santa

  • Living Dead Dolls series 19

  • Prince of Persia Action Figures

  • Prince of Persia Playset

  • NHL Series 24 Figures

  • Captain America Business Card Holder

  • Iron Man sticker sheets

  • Wacky Wobblers Ironman

  • Hulk sticker sheets

  • Clash of the Titans Wacky Wobblers

  • LOTR Wacky Wobblers

  • Wizard of Oz Wacky Wobblers

  • Munchkin Basic Card Game

  • Settlers of Catan Basic Game

  • South Park Cartman Wacky Wobbler

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Stuff for June 2nd

  • Alice in Wonderland Alice Figure

  • Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Figure

  • T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Bazinga Red LG/Med/XL

  • Cover Girls of the DCU Zatanna Statue

  • DCU Origins Series 1 2 pack Figures

  • Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3 Box Set

  • T-Shirt Green Lantern Silhouette Lg/Med

  • Iron Man 2 Mark IV ArtFX Statue

  • Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman Statue

  • Star Wars Deluxe Figure & Vehicle Assortment 2010 Series 2

  • Star Wars Darth Vader Back Buddy

  • T-Shirt Star Wars Galactic Empire Olive Lg

  • Tru Blood Soda

  • Upper Deck MTG Planeswalker 2 9 pocket portfolio

  • Upper Deck MTG Rise of the Eldrazi Style 2 Deck Protector

  • Upper Deck 2009-10 Be A Player NHL Trading Cards

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