Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Stuff August 31st!!!!

Asterix & Magic Potion Mini Bust

Avengers 4pc Button Set

T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Bazinga Red Med/XL

T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty XL

Captain America 4pc Button Set

T-Shirt Doctor Who Dalek to Victory Med

G.I. Joe Ultimate 12-inch Paratrooper Figure

Kree-O Transformers Basic Bumblebee Set

Kree-O Transformers Basic Optimus Prime Set

Kree-O Transformers Fire Truck Set

Kree-O Transformers Jazz Set

Kree-O Transformers Megatron Set

Kree-O Transformers Mirage Set

Kree-O Transformers Prowl Set

Kree-O Transformers Ratchet Set

Kree-O Transformers Sideswipe Set

Marvel Black Cat Bishoujo Statue

Marvel Select 1st Avenger Red Skull Figure

Marvel X Tokidoki Frenzies

Pop Rocks Notorious Big Vinyl Figure

Pop Rocks Tupac Shakur Vinyl Figure

Predators 7 inch Series 3 Figures

South Park Dead Kenny Mini Figure

South Park Zipper Pull Series 1 Figures

Star Wars Class 1 Fleet Vehicle 2011 Series 2

Star Wars Class 1 Fleet Vehicle 2011 Series 3

Star Wars Super Deformed AT-AT Plush

Star Wars Battle Pack Series 2 Figures

Star Wars Millenium Falcon Super Deformed Plush

Star Wars Saga Commenorative Figure Pack

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Super Deformed Plush

Thor 4pc Button Set

Thundercats 4inch Figures

Thundercats 4inch deluxe figures

Upper Deck Mtg Mana Flip Box Black

MtG Magic Celebration Saturday Sept 10th

Mtg Magic Celebration is coming up Saturday September 10th at 12pm. Mini Master Tournament.

Mini Master Format = you start with 1 pack, and 15 land... every win nets you an extra pack to add to your deck.

Free Magic T-Shirt with a purchase of a Deckbuilders Toolkit ( while supplies last )

Free Codes for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Upcoming Events

Board Game Night:

We are currently holding a Board Game Night , Every Wednesday, starting at 6pm. Come on down, play some games, if you like aswell..bring your favorite and teach others too! We will be posting on Facebook as well for updates. Just look for Big Pete’s on Facebook!

Magic The Gathering:

Friday Night Magic – Every Friday @ 6pm - Booster Draft Format

Wednesday Night Magic – Every Wednesday @ 6pm - Standard Format

September 10th Magic Celebration Day @ 12 pm noon.. A game day set up for new people to learn to play magic

September 24th & 25th Innnistrad Pre-release Party. Saturday AND Sunday @ 12 pm noon come on down and play with the new set!!

Every Sunday is Elder Dragon Highlander Casual Play @ 12pm noon

New stuff August 24th!!!

• Ame Comi Big Barda PVC Figure

• Ame Comi Wonder Woman V.3 PVC Figure

• T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Bazinga Green Lantern XL

• T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Friendship Algorithm White Lg

• T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty Lg/Med

• Battlestar Galactica Viper MK VII Model Kit

• Capcom Street Fighter Heroclix

• Classic Marvel Figure Collector's Magazine #153 Balder the Brave

• Classic Marvel Figure Collector's Magazine Special Sauron

• Captain America Movie Assortment Series 2

• DC Blackest Night Figure Collector's Magazine #10 Bleez

• DC Blackest Night Figure Collector's Magazine #9 Ganthet

• DC Blackest Night Figure Collector's Magazine Special Nekron

• Elvira Mistress of the Dark 1/8 Scale Model Kit

• Futurama Bender Version 2 Figure

• Gears of War 7-Inch Series 6 Figures

• Halo Reach Series 4 3 pack Assortment

• Kre-o Transformers Starscream Set

• Sesame Street Squeeze a Song Plush Assortment Series 1

• Smurfs Movie Figures 2 pack Wave 1

• Star Wars Clone Wars 2011 Series 6 Figures

• Star Wars Boba Fett Costume Hoodie Med

• Marvel Select 1st Avenger Captain America

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011


Saturday, August 13th is Bazinga Day!!!

We are celebrating Big Pete's 20th Anniversary and Pete's Birthday.  We would like our customers to come down in their Super Hero t-shirts, costumes or Big Bang Theory t-shirts for a group photo at 1:00pm.  We still have our SALE going 10% to 40% off almost everything in the store (except new release items) and there will be CAKE!!! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Stuff August 10th!!!

• T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Bazinga Green Lantern Lg/Med/XL

• T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Bazinga Red Lg

• Captain America Movie Wacky Wobbler

• Classic Marvel Figure Collector's Magazine #152 Destiny

• Cover Girls of the DCU Hawkgirl Statue

• DC Blackest Night Figure Collector Magazine Special Nekron

• DC Superhero Figure Collector's Magazine #86 Magog

• DC Superhero Figure Collector's Magazine #87 Ambush Bug

• Eve Lighted UPO Model Kit

• Ghostbusters Lucy Bishoujo Statue

• Halo Reach Mongoose Box Set

• Halo Reach Mongoose Forge World Box Set

• Halo Reach Series 4 3-packs

• Halo Reach Series 4 Figures

• Halo Reach Series 4 Air Assault Blue 2 packs

• Halo Reach Series 4 Infection 3 packs

• Halo Reach Series 4 Noble Six 2 packs

• Halo Reach Series 3 Minimates Box Set

• Marvel Jean Grey Bishoujo Statue

• Marvel Ms Marvel Bishoujo Statue Binary Version

• Munchkin Card Game Deluxe Edition

• Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Hidden Arsenal Special Edition

• Halo Reach Mongoose PoA Box Set

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This August is our 20th year in business and Pete's 40th birthday so we are having a massive sale to celebrate.  As well as other some other special events!!!

August 9th - 16th, 20th Anniversary sale! 10-40% off almost everything in store. (excludes new release items)

20% off all statues and toys that have been in stock for more than 6 months.

20% off US cover price on all TPB's and HC's

Lots of other in-store specials with discounts of up to 40% off.

Got your eye on something? Come talk to Pete.

Saturday the 13th we are going to hold "Bazinga Day" We'd like to get a large turnout for a big picture out along the wall with the Hulk.
We'd like everyone to either wear a superhero t-shirt, a costume or a Big Bang Theory t-shirt! Whatever suits your fancy! We'll try for a group picture if we can get enough people down for 1pm on the 13th.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Stuff August 3rd

• Alien Facehugger Plush

• Ame Comi Batgirl v.1 Black Suit Variant PVC FIgure

• Ame Comi Catwoman v.2 Blue Suit Variant PVC Figure

• Batman Incorporated Figures

• Brain Eater Full Head Mask

• Captain America Movie Red Skull Wacky Wobbler

• DC Heroes Wave 18 Apache Chief Set

• Disney Traditions B&W Aviator Mickey Figurine

• Doctor Who 4th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

• Family Guy Figure Assortment

• Family Guy Playsets

• FrankenFink Full Head Mask

• Ghastly Ghoul Full Head Mask

• Green Lantern Movie Master Wave 3 Figures

• Green Lantern Movie Sinestro Wacky Wobbler

• Gund Sesame Street Teach Me Cookie Monster Plush

• Gund Sesame Street Teach Me Elmo Plush

• HW Elite Foundation 1/18 1966 Batmobile

• Kre-o Transformers Bumblebee Set

• Pop Rock Dee Dee Ramone Vinyl Figure

• Pop Rock Johnny Ramoe Vinyl Figure

• Pop Rock Kiss Ace Frehley Vinyl Figure

• Pop Rock Kiss Peter Criss Vinyl Figure

• Pop Rock Public Enemy Flavor Flav Vinyl Figure

• Radio Active Zombie Full Head Mask

• Star Trek 2009 Movie Phaser Stunt Replica

• Street Fighter Mini Figure BMB DS Series 1

• Surf Kook Full Head Mask

• Transformers 3 Cyberverse Legion Series 3

• Transformers Cyberverse Commander Series 3

• Uncle Creepy Full Head Mask

• Young Justice 4-1/4 in Aquaman/Aqualad 2 pack

• Marvel Universe Sentinel