Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers on sale this week

We are having a sale on all Transformers toys in the store, in honor of the Second Movie coming out!!
All Transformers toys in store are 15% off this week!!

New Stuff for June 24th

Batman Cosbaby Assortment

Conan the Barbarian Queen Belit Statue

DC Superhero Collection Magazine #30 Captain Cold

DC Superhero Collection Magazine #31 Aquaman

DC Superhero Collection Magazine #9 Catwoman

Gamemastery Map Pack - Wizards Tower

Lego Indiana Jones Shanghai Chase Set

Lego Star Wars Republic Attack Shuttle

Living Dead Dolls Series 17 Assortment

Marvel Minimates Series 25 Figures

Risk 1959 Board Game

Shirow Masamune Wild Wet West PVC Statue

Star Trek T-Shirt Delta Shield XL

Star Wars Turbo Tank Vehicle

Star Wars Deluxe Vehicle Arc-170

V for Vendetta 1/6 Scale Collector Figure

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Stuff for June 17th

Batman Hot Wheels 1/50 Batmobile Series 2

T-Shirt Dr Horrible Horrible Cartoon - Lg/Med/XL

T-Shirt Flash Crimson Comet ( the flash ) Red Lg/Med

Hot Toys Dark Knight 1/6 Scale Two Face Figure

Legends of the Dark Knight Box Set

Marvel Select Arachne Figure

Michael Jackson Thriller Vinyl Figure

Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie Vinyl Figure

T-Shirt Star Trek Movie Delta Shield Black Med

T-Shirt Star Trek Movie Deluxe Blue Shirt Lg/Med/XL

T-Shirt Star Trek Movie Deluxe Gold Shirt Med/XL

T-Shirt Star Trek Movie Deluxe Red Shirt Lg/Med/XL

Star Trek The Next Generation Enterprise D Ship

Terminator 2 Series 1 Minimate Assortment

Watchmen Movie Rorscach Deluxe Mask

World of Warcraft Figures Series 4

DC Universe Shazam Figure

Battlestar Galactica Chief Figure

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Stuff for June 10th

Terminator 2 Series 1 Figures

Dark Crystal Chamberlain 7" Figures

G.I. Joe Collector 5 pack case

G.I. Joe 3 3/4" Single Figure Preview Case

Transformer Combiner Assortment

Cover Girls of the DCU Statue Wonder Woman

DC Superhero Figurine Collection Magazine #10 Ras-Al-Ghul

DC Superhero Figurine Collection Magazine #11 Lex Luthor

Hot Wheels Star Trek 1/50th Vehicle Assortment

Star Wars Figures 2009 Series 2

Talisman Dungeon Expansion Board Game

Upper Deck Black Lotus Deck Protectors

World of Warcraft Lady Vashj Deluxe Figure

JSA Series 1 Figures

Tons of T-Shirts !!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Stuff for June 3rd

World of Darkness Immortals Book

Vampire Ancient Blood lines

Exalted Compass of Celestial Directions

Transformers Movie 2 Legends Figures

Transformers Movie Deluxe Figures

Speckled 10 dice tubes

Pokemon Rising Rivals Starter

Pokemon Rising Rivals Boosters

Yu-gi-oh Gold Series TCG boxes

9 pocket pages

4 pocket pages

Pokemon tins

Deck boxes

Deck protectors

Pokemon plastic poster gift box

pokemon players guide

Forbidden Planet Robby the Robot Model Kit

Star Wars Dark Trooper Chubby

Star Wars Titanium 2009 Series 2

Sutter's Mill Board Game

Transformers Movie DLX 2009 Series 1

Women of the DCU Phantom Lady