Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Stuff for March 31st

  • Marvel Venom Comiquette

  • New Moon Umbrella Swirl Embrace

  • Last Night on Earth Zombie Board Game

  • Halo Action Figure Series 7

  • Marvel Mystique Comiquette

  • Quiddler Board Game

  • Set Cubed Board Game

  • She-Hulk Comiqeutte

  • Battlestar Galactica Cylon Evolution of the Cylon Poster

  • BTVS Tooned up Faith Maquette

  • Buffalo Soldier Bob Marley Funko Force Figure

  • Buffy & Angel Figurine Collection Magazine #4 Master

  • Classic Saucerman Bobble Head

  • Crystal Translucent d6 10pc dice sets

  • DH Capsule Assorted Marvel Heroes Wrist Bands Series 1

  • Donald Duck & Goofy Kubrick 2 packs

  • Marvel Minimates Series 34 Assortment

  • Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Kubrick 2 Pack

  • Runaway Brain Mickey & Julius Kubrick 2 pack

  • Serenity Blue Sun Travel Poster Set Series 2

  • Transformers Mighty Mugs 2009 Series 3

  • World of Warcraft Murloc Plush

  • Zombie Ninja Pirates Card Game

  • Yu-Gi-Oh TCG 5dS Absolute Powerforce SE Box

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Big Pete's Pre-order Magic Packs Available

We have access to bring in some older packs of Magic the Gathering. If anyone is interested in placing a pre-order for any of the following, please contact us, via email or phone 604-983-2325.

All Prices are by the booster box.

Morningtide - $169.99
Nemesis - $179.99
7th Edition - $219.99
Planar Chaos - $209.99
Mirrodin - $ 195.99
5th Dawn – 169.99
Coldsnap - $144.99
8th Edition - $179.99
Eventide - $149.99
Champions of Kamigawa - $169.99
4th Edition - $249.99
Stronghold - $ 199.99
Planeshift - $279.99
Odyssey - $209.99
Urza’s Saga – $625.00
Mirage - $280.00
Guildpact – $159.99
Weatherlight - $209.99

New Stuff for March 24th

  • Magic The Gathering: Duel Decks Phryexia Vs The Coalition

  • T-Shirt American Zombie Black Med

  • Back to the Future Delorean Mark 1 Car

  • Card Sleeves Tomb of Ice

  • Catwoman Classic 1/6 Scale Deluxe Figure

  • DC Comics Blackest Night Button Assortment

  • Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank

  • T-Shirt I Heart Zombies Lg/XL

  • Iron Man 2 Mr Potato Head Tony Starch

  • Marvel Minimates Iron Man 2 Army Builder’s

  • Marvel Minimates Series 33 Assortment

  • Marvel Minimates Spiderman Friends/ Foe Box Set

  • Mynus Little Ugly Doll 7-inch Plush

  • Mynus Uglydoll 12 inch Plush

  • Skeleanimals Marcy Monkey Backpack

  • Skeleanimals Pen Penguin Backpack

  • Star Wars Vehicles Collection Magazine #11 Speeder Bike

  • Star Wars Vehicles Collection Magazine #12 Y Wing

  • Star Wars Vehicles Collection Magazine #37 Droid Spider

  • Star Wars Vehicles Collection Magazine #38 Escort Frigate

  • Upper Deck MTG Worldwake Style 1 Deck Protector Pack

  • T-Shirt Vampire Lover Top Med/Sm

  • Worlds Greatest DC Heroes Hal Jordan Retro Figure

  • Worlds Greatest DC Heroes Lex Luthor Retro Figure

  • Worlds Greatest DC Heroes Sinestro Retro Figure

  • Worlds Greatest DC Heroes Superman Retro Figure

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big Pete's Magic Tournament Sunday Mar 21st

Big Pete's Magic the Gathering
EDH ( Commander ) Tournament
3rd Sunday of the month
This Sunday March 21st is the next one
12 noon is start time
$ 10 Entry Fee

Commander Rules can be found at

Check with us for any further changes, or to reserve a spot!!

Contact us thru email @
or phone 604-983-2325

New Stuff for March 17th

  • Where the Wild Things Are Figures

  • Matrix Sentinel Statue

  • Woody VCD Toy Story

  • Buzz Lightyear VCD Toy Story

  • UD Hockey series 1 Cards

  • UD Hockey series 2 Cards

  • Hockey Panini stickers

  • Gold Baseball Holders

  • Magic the Gathering Worldwake Booster Packs

  • Magic the Gathering Zendikar Boosters Packs

  • Magic the Gathering Zendicar Intro Packs

  • Star Wars Miniatures Clone wars Boosters Packs

  • Magic the Gathering Worldwake Playmats

  • T-Shirt American Zombie Black Lg

  • Card Sleeve Single Pack Hacan Lord

  • Classic Superman Logo Belt Buckle

  • DC Comics Carded 4 pc Magnet Set

  • Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Lightning Figure

  • Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Snow Figure

  • Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Vanille Figure

  • Futurama Figures Series 8

  • Ghostbusters III Video Game Minimate Box Set

  • Gunn 4 Hire Lola 12 Inch Figure

  • Halo Series 2 Deluxe Figure Box Set

  • Halo Series 7 Figures

  • Marvel 25th Anniversary Secret War 2 pack Figures

  • Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker Maquette

  • Upper Deck MTG Worldwake Deck Box

  • Upper Deck MTG Worldwake Side Loading Deck Box

  • Star Trek Wrath of Khan Phaser

  • Magic the Gathering Coldsnap Booster Packs

  • Magic the Gathering Legions Booster Packs

  • Upper Deck 2 Hockey Packs

  • Magazine Bags

  • 1/4" acrylic

  • Betrayers of Kamigawa Magic Booster Packs

  • Invasion Booster box

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Stuff for March 10th

  • Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Garden Statue

  • Settlers of Catan basic Board Game

  • Conan Temple of Serpent

  • Alice in Wonderland Plush

  • 9 Pocket pages

  • Silver age bags

  • Silver age boards

  • Pokemon Starters Heart Gold

  • Pokemon boosters Heart Gold

  • Yu-gi-oh Tins

  • Pokemon tins

  • D&D Hammerfest RPG Book

  • D&D Harrowing Halls RPG Book

  • D&D Players handbook RPG Book

  • Mars Attacks Martian Trooper Cosbaby

  • Mars Attacks Lisa Damaged Face Cosbaby

  • Mars Attacks Trooper Long Gun Cosbaby

  • Mars Attacks Leader Cosbaby

  • Venom Maquette

  • Alien Queen Statue

  • Living Dead Dolls Alice

  • Alice in Wonderland Alice Bobblehead

  • Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Bobblehead

  • Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Bobblehead

  • Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Bobble Head

  • Amazing Spider Man Fine Art Statue

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer I heart Buffy Black Juniors Med/LG

  • Buck Rogers Rocket Man Belt Buckle

  • Buck Rogers Vintage Keychain

  • Chex Cthulhu Card Game

  • Classic Dracula Funko Force Action Figure

  • Dc Heroes Wave 13 Superman Figure

  • Huckleberry Hound Funko Force Action Figure

  • Iron Man 2 Mark 6 Bobble Head

  • Iron Man 2 War Machine Bobble Head

  • T-Shirt Undead Jay & Silent Bob Lg/Med/XL

  • Upper Deck MTG Deck Protector Pack Blue

  • Upper Deck MTG Worldwake Deck Box

  • Upper Deck MTG Worldwake Side Loading Deck Box

  • Upper Deck MTG Worldwake Style 2 Deck Protector Pack

  • Wally Gator Funko Force Action Figure

  • Worry Woo Monsters Plush

  • Yu-Gu-Oh TCG Majestic Dragon Card Sleeves

  • Iron Man 2 Collection 1 Series 1

  • Iron Man 2 Collection 1 Series 2

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Big Pete's Autograph/ Sketch/Signing Day coming on Wednesday!!

The Following is happening on Wednesday March 10th:

BigPete's Collectibles Next Wednesday for new release comic day we will be having a guest or two at the store. We'll have Megan Furesz from Cloudscape Comics coming down to promote "Exploded View" a comic book anthology. Chloe Chan may also be here but I have to confirm this.

Megan will be on hand to promote the book, sign autographs and maybe… even do some sketches! Her work is beautiful! C'mon down and and pick up a copy! Wednesday the 10th! Support the local comic industry!

Cloudscape Comics is pleased to announce the launch of its fourth publication, Exploded View. A science fiction anthology featuring twenty-five artists, all current or former residents of Vancouver, Canada, this book showcases the broad range of talent in the comics artist community. Notable contributors include Camilla d'Errico, who has been making waves with her manga influenced paintings in and outside of Vancouver, and is the artist for notable titles such as "Burn", "Tanpopo", and "Sky Pirates"; Children's book Illustrator Scot Ritchie; Angela Melick, creator of the acclaimed "Wasted Talent" Webcomic; John Christmas, the artist on the recently released "Barack the Barbarian"; Jonathon Dalton, creator of "Lords of Death and Life" and "A Mad Tea-Party"; Edison Yan, whose work can be seen on "Scribblenauts" on the Nintendo DS; Colin Upton, who has been pioneering mini-comics in Vancouver since 1985; Local Rocker, actor, and Illustrator Toren Atkinson; as well as Colleen MacIsaac and Jordyn Bochon, who both contributed to the independent comics anthology "You Ain't No Dancer". The group includes established artists, underground cartoonists, web comic creators, animators, illustrators, and manga artists all working together to tellmeaningful, intelligent stories through the medium of comics.through the medium of comics.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Stuff for March 3rd

  • Atom Ant Funko Force Action Figure

  • Batman Vs Killer Croc Statue

  • T-Shirt Blue Lantern Symbol Hope Lg

  • Buck Rogers 1930 Collectors Frame

  • Buck Rogers 25th Century Frame

  • Buck Rogers Logo Belt Buckle

  • Buck Rogers Ray Gun Belt Buckle

  • Buck Rogers Ray Gun Cigarette Case

  • Buck Rogers Rocket Man Cigarette Case

  • Buck Rogers Vintage Cigarette Case

  • Clash of the Titans Perseus 7-inch Figure

  • Days of Steam Board Game

  • Iron Man 2 Collection 2 Figures 2010 Series 1

  • Jaq and Gus Teacup Figurine

  • Nostra Board Game

  • Talisman Frostmarch Expansion Set

  • Upper Deck MTG Bolas Sleeves

  • Women of the DCU Series 3 Hippolyta ( as Wonder Woman ) Bust

  • World of Warcraft War Banner Alliance

  • World of Warcraft War Banner Horde

  • World of Warcraft Wearable Tabard Alliance

  • World of Warcraft Wearable Tabard Horde