Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Upcoming Events

Board Game Night:

We are currently holding a Board Game Night , Every Wednesday, starting at 6pm. Come on down, play some games, if you like aswell..bring your favorite and teach others too! We will be posting on Facebook as well for updates. Just look for Big Pete’s on Facebook!

Magic The Gathering:

Friday Night Magic – Every Friday @ 6pm - Booster Draft Format

Wednesday Night Magic – Every Wednesday @ 6pm - Standard Format

September 10th Magic Celebration Day @ 12 pm noon.. A game day set up for new people to learn to play magic

September 24th & 25th Innnistrad Pre-release Party. Saturday AND Sunday @ 12 pm noon come on down and play with the new set!!

Every Sunday is Elder Dragon Highlander Casual Play @ 12pm noon