Thursday, April 10, 2008

Help Big Pete pay his Taxes Annual Sale

It's that time of year!! Great opportunity to pick up some back issues. The sale will last until Pete has enough money to cover his taxes!! Help the poor old man out!

Sale pricing as follows:

Comics valued at $5 or less - 10 for $20.00

Graphic Novels and Tradepaperbacks - 10% off U.S. Cover - Buy 5 or more valued at $9.95 or greater get 15% U.S. Cover

All 2007 Hockey Cards - 15% off

All Posters in the poster rack - $5.99 each

All Non- New Release Statues and Busts - 20% off ( nothing released in last month )

Star Wars Mini's Packs - $11.99 each (small size ) / $17.99 ( larger size )

All RPG books - 20% off

Toys are negotiable based on product

If you have a ton of money to spend, on alot of stuff you can come barter with Pete!! He'll be glad to take it all!