Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Stuffs for Jan 2nd

·         Naked Snake Sixth Scale Figure - Metal Gear Solid 3
·         Iron Monger 12" figure
·         Monopoly Lord of the Rings
·         Yahtzee Doctor Who
·         LotR Smeagol Headknocker
·         LotR Gollum Headknocker
·         Portal ASHPD Customizable Kit
·         Rocky 7" Series 3 Figures
·         DC Heroclix TabApp Dark Knight
·         DC Heroclix TabApp DC Superheros Pack
·         JL New 52 Superman Action Figure
·         Adventure Time 5-inch Ice King Figure
·         Adventure Time 5-inch Lumpy Space Princess Figure
·         Adventure Time 5-inch Marceline w/Axe Figure
·         Animated Ladies Space Ace Kinberly Statue
·         AW Ghostbusters Haunted Hwy Slot Car Set
·         T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Bazinga Logo Black XL
·         T-Shirt Big Bang Theory Sheldon for President Lg/XL
·         T-Shirt Captain America Dim Shield Blue Heather Lg/Med/XL
·         DC Chess Figure Collector's Magazine Special # 2 Bat Signal
·         T-Shirt Deadpool Icon Black Med/XL
·         Doctor Who 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
·         Doctor Who Dalek Stripe Ladies Socks
·         Doctor Who Tardis & Dalek AoP Crew Socks  2 pack
·         Doctor Who Tardis & Dalek Crew Socks 2 pack
·         Edward Scissorhands Wacky Wobbler
·         Femme Fatale Alice Madness Returns PVC Statue
·         Firefly Little Damn Heroes Inara Serra Maquette
·         Game of Thrones Stark Shield Pin
·         Grand Jester Cheshire Cat Mini-Bust
·         Marvel Captain America Shield Bottle Opener
·         Marvel Select Barbarian Hulk Figure
·         My Little Pony Figure Assortment Series 1  2013
·         Pac Man Heat Change Mug
·         SDCC Marvel 4-Inch 8pc Figurine Set
·         Sonic All-Star Kart Racing R/C Shadow Motorcycle
·         Star Trek TNG USS Enterprise 1701-D Keychain
·         Star Wars RPG Edge of the Empire Beginner Game
·         T-Shirt Star Wars Ships Diagrams Lg/Med/XL
·         Star Wars Angry Birds AT-AT Attack
·         Star Wars Angry Birds Jenga Launcher Game Assortment
·         Star Wars Birds Early Bird Pack
·         Star Wars Darker Boba Costume Hoodie Med
·         Star Wars Darth Vader Dust Grinder PX Red Lg/XL
·         Tetris Constuctable Light
·         Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Wacky Wobbler
·         Walking Dead Michonne Wacky Wobbler
·         Walking Dead Minimates Series 2 Assortment
·         Walking Dead Rick Grimes Wacky Wobbler
·         Walking Dead Silicone Tray
·         Walking Dead Zombie Wacky Wobbler
·         D&D Dungeon! Board Game
·         Munchkin Deluxe
·         Carcassonne w/River Expansion
·         Martian Dice
·         Doctor Who: The Card Game
·         Small World Board Game
·         Munchkin Apocalypse
·         Quarriors! Dice Building Game
·         MtG Innistrad Booster
·         Settlers of Catan Star Trek Catan