Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Stuffs for Dec 11th

·         Ame Comi Poison Ivy Harley Quinn Holiday 2 Pack Figure
·         T-Shirt Avengers Ultimate Icon Lg/XL
·         Batman Retro 8-inch Figure Series 1
·         DC 1996 Batman TV Series 6-inch Figures
·         T-Shirt Deadpool Deadpool Baton Black Lg/Med/XL
·         Disney Traditions Alice on Mushroom
·         Disney Traditions Brave Merida
·         Doctor Who Tardis 1pc Pajamas Med
·         T-Shirt Doctor Who Time Warp Lg/Med/XL
·         Doctor Who Titans Mini Figures BMB Series 3
·         Eldritch Horror Board Game
·         T-Shirt Galactus PX Navy Heather Lg/Med/XL
·         T-Shirt Iron Man Armored Side Heather Lg/XL
·         Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Minimate 2-pack
·         Jim Shore Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Tribute
·         Lost in Space Dr-Smith & B-9 Minimate 2-pack
·         T-Shirt Marvel Villians Solid Mug Lg/Med
·         My Little Pony 18oz Ceramic Oval Mug
·         My Little Pony Patch Assortment
·         Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger 18-inch Figure
·         Pop Movies Silent Bob Vinyl Figure
·         Pop Movies Jay Vinyl Figure
·         Pop Walking Dead The Governor PX Vinyl Figure Bandaged
·         T-Shirt Spider-Man Mighty Spidey Lg/Med
·         T-Shirt Spider-Man No Sense Px Black Lg/Med/XL
·         Spider Man Peters Polo Shirt XL
·         T-Shirt Spider-Man Superior Lg/Med
·         Star Trek Silicone Tray
·         T-Shirt Star Wars Free Throat Hugs Lg/Med/XL
·         T-Shirt Star Wars Space Crew PX Black Lg/Med/XL
·         Super Best Friends Forever Wonder Girl Box
·         Super Mario Bros Chain Chomp 5-Inch Plush
·         Super Mario Bros Daisy 8-inch Plush
·         Super Mario Bros Fire Luigi 9-inch Plush
·         Super Mario Bros Fire Mario 8-Inch Plush
·         Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant 8in Plush
·         Super Mario Bros Warp Pipe 5-Inch Plush
·         T-Shirt Thor Movie Golden Hammer PX Grey Lg/XL
·         T-Shirt Thor Movie Viking Power Red Lg/XL
·         T-Shirt Thorzanga Red Lg/Med/XL
·         Thundercats Ho Minimates Box Set

·         T-Shirt Wolverine Berzerker Sun PX Lg/XL