Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sale !!!!

Well, i'm feeling a little left out of all the Black Friday stuff, so I suppose it's time i threw a sale. I rarely hold sales, so here's your shot folks. 10-60% off store wide, and what the hell, we'll start it today and run it through Monday.
Up to 60% off, plus if you spend over $100 we will give you an additional 10$ gift certificate good for use in December on another purchase of $100 or more.
30% off TPB's, HC's.
30% off back issues over $5.00
Back issues under 5.00 on 20 for $40.00
20% off Magic Singles, Boosters, Booster Boxes, Starters, Box sets etc!
Up to 60% off old stock toys. Pick your items, barter with me! The bigger the item is, the cheaper it'll probably get!
20% off old stock Sideshow statues and 12" figures.
Board Games 10% off
Supplies 20% off
T-shirts -30% off
Other Apparel/Accessories - 10% off
Dollar Bin Books - 60 cents each or 50 for $25.00